The concept for this campaign was to open a window into John John’s world and get to know more of him aside from surfing. Working closely with him we created his version of a Field Guide for Waterman Things, a compilation of various skills, observations and life hacks he has learned over the years. The goal was to create a physical guide (that we wrote, designed and built) and have it be a tool for consumers to use and make their own adventures. It encouraged them to go outside, embrace their surroundings, and find ways to make a positive contribution to the world we live in while having fun along the way. As an extension to the Field Guide we took a number of segments form it and created series of videos that brought them to life. These were released over the course of the season through Hurley’s flagship social channels and in partnership with John Florence.

Connecting the analog world to the digital world.  The JJF hub was a dedicated page to JJF on the Hurley website that continued the storytelling of the fields notes and allowed consumers to dive deeper in the book and also download a copy of their own.
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