We’ve developed the hurley surf club.  To revolutionize the way we connect with surfers,  And by doing so, we will revolutionize surfing itself. 
The goal for HSC was to inspire and enable an entire generation of surfers—a generation that doesn’t subscribe to the status quo. Everything they do, they do with distinction and commitment.   Hurley Surf Club wasn't just for the pros to get better, it was to help activate all generations to get in the water and enjoy surfing.
The Creative Direction was made up of a robust tool kit that can be used globally but still allow the local teams to feel personal to their consumer.  The tool kit was built with multiple graphic elements that can be mixed and matched to allow the team to get a larger output but still feel visually cohesive.  One thing we really want to do was include the people of the club in the graphic language, this was done by constantly updating our imagery that was applied to the graphics with moments that were authentic... from our Pros, to the first timer.  They were all apart of the club.  
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